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Poem of the Week–“Spiritual Guidance System” October 21, 2009

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I want to apologize for the lack of poetry and posts from me over the past few weeks.  I had an intense meditation a while back and I am still trying to fully process it.  Here is a nice prayer/poem by Alex Grey that I thought would be good for the occasion and hopefully be helpful to someone else out there too.


Spiritual Guidance System

Dear God,

Thank you for all the senses

Given through my body and mind.

My sense of smell, touch, taste, hearing, vision.

Through these channels I know the world.

I oreint myself in space,

I am warned of danger,

I am drawn to nourishment,

I delight in Your world.


By the gifts of the saints I know

There are senses of the Soul.

Clairvoyants sense a world unknown.

Mystics see Your face God.

Allow my Spiritual Guidance System

To open and wisely use

The sense of the Soul

To better serve the world

So that obedience to Your Plan

May be more certain.


When you see that

I am ready

May I receive

These gifts of the spirit,

Senses to perceive

The Visionary worlds

Of Your Divine Imginination.


–Alex Grey Art Psalms p. 62


What are your reactions to the poem?  Do you regularly give thanks for your senses, both physical and spiritual?


Crystal of the Week – Malachite October 14, 2009

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Properties: Transformation, Healing, Heart/Love, Relaxation

Malachite is called “The Stone of Transformation,” and I’ve found this name to aptly describe it.  This gemstone of swirling green is very strongly related to the Heart Chakra.  This is one of the reasons why it’s such a powerful transformation stone – it helps us create transformations from the heart, and therefore from a place of love.  Can you think of any better place for a change to stem from?!

In addition, Malachite can effectively clear and balance all the chakras and your aura.  Personally, I’ve found that it helps heal and shore up any weak spots in my aura.  Also, it’s green color indicates it’s ability to boost physical health and healing as well.  (Emerald green is the color of healing).

This is a great gemstone to use as a relaxation aid.  It manages to do A LOT of work with very little effort on your part.  Try lying down with a piece of Malachite on your heart chakra.  You don’t have to do anything in particular, but if you would like to recite mantras our have a conversation with your guides, this would be a great time to do so!

The first time I used Malachite to relax, I felt as expected…relaxed, balanced and rooted in Love.  But I didn’t feel overwhelmingly extraordinary.  So it took me a while to realize how strongly the malachite had actually affected me.  It was a few days later that I realized I was still calm and happy.  I mean, nothing was making me angry or stressed.  It was like all the negativity was just passing around me without affecting me at all! (And I was in high school at the time, so you KNOW how easy it is to stress out).  It’s a really great stone!

If any of you are doing the challenge from the last post, you might want to enlist Malachite as a helper!

On a side note:  Sorry we haven’t been updating as frequently!  Both Mermaid and I have been going through our own transitions and schedule changes.  So a bit of a rest was needed:)  Thanks for your patience and keep reading!  Also, please take the user survey if you haven’t already – it’ll really help give us an idea of what you all are interested in reading about:)  Blessings, Tree


A “Live Your Faith” Spiritual Challenge! October 8, 2009

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Hello Dear Readers!  This idea came to me, and I hope you all will enjoy it, or at least find it a bit intriguing:

Life can be challenging.  And living out your spiritual ideals in day-to-day life can be especially tricky sometimes.  So, I’ve decided to post “challenges” occasionally.  This is in NO WAY meant to be a competition, or to pressure anyone.  I just know it’s helpful for me to ask myself “what do I need to work on?  How can I challenge myself to be a better person, and let go of things that are keeping me back or bringing me down?”

So go ahead and give the challenge a try!

Challenge 1: Forgive

Forgive someone who has hurt you (on a large scale or a small scale)/Forgive yourself for something/Forgive a situation.

By holding onto resentment, anger and hurt, we end up poisoning ourselves.  Our emotions get tinged with negativity whenever we think of that person or situation.  Although your anger may be completely justified, try to forgive.  And believe me, I know how difficult it can be.  When we are angry it helps us feel empowered. Letting go of anger can leave us feeling deflated and reeling from disappointment and regret; so it seems so much better to stay angry.  But if you give yourself time to work through the emotions, then you can reach a state of true resolution (and hopefully peace).  Even if you can’t fully forgive, at least start the process by affirming that you WANT to forgive.  This allows compassion and forgiveness to gain a stronger foothold.


How is your spiritual challenge of forgiveness going?  How easy or difficult is it for you?


A Beautiful Prayer October 4, 2009

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This prayer is taken from the book Brida by Paulo Coelho.  The first part is said by a Magus and the second prayer is said by Brida -the main character who is in training as a witch.  I say both prayers together.


“We are human beings, Lord, and we do not know our own greatness.  Lord, give us the humility to ask for what we need, because no desire is vain and no request is futile.  Each if us knows how best to feed our own soul; give us the courage to see our desires as coming from the fount of Your eternal Wisdom.  Only by accepting our desires can we begin to understand who we are.  Amen.”

“Lord, help me understand that all the good things in life that happen to me do so because I deserve them.  Help me understand that what moves me to seek out Your truth is the same force that moved the saints, and the doubts I have are the same doubts that the saints had, and my frailties are the same frailties.  Help me to be humble enough to accept that I am no different from other people.  Amen.”


Feast day of Saint Francis of Assisi

Today, October 4th, is the Feast Day of Saint Francis of Assisi!  Saint Francis founded the spiritual order known as the Franciscans, was the first person to ever receive the Stigmata (the physical manifestations of the wounds of Christ), and was well known for his connection to and healing of animals.  Hundreds (if not thousands) of people take their pets to receive blessings on this day.  Even if you do not have time to take your pet to a location where blessings are being done, you can call upon Saint Francis yourself and ask for a healing and protection for your pets.  

Since Saint Francis is so connected to animals and the outdoors, take the time to spend part of the day enjoying nature!  Connect with Saint Francis and ask for his guidance, peace, and to help you follow your heart.  If you’d like, you can say the popular Prayer of Saint Francis, written below.  (Personally, I do not believe that you need to subscribe to one particular faith in order to call on a Holy figure from that path.  All Holy beings exist in a state of Love; so anyone can call on them – no matter what spiritual path you do or do not affiliate with.)


"Scenes from the Life of Saint Francis: Stigmatisation of Saint Francis", Giotto, 1325, Fresco, Bardi Chapel - Florence

"Scenes from the Life of Saint Francis: Stigmatisation of Saint Francis", Giotto, 1325, Fresco, Bardi Chapel - Florence

 Prayer of Saint Francis

Lord, make me an instrument of your peace;

where there is hatred, let me sow love;

when there is injury, pardon;

where there is doubt, faith;

where there is despair, hope;

where there is darkness, light;

and where there is sadness, joy.

O Divine Master, grant that I may not so

much seek to be consoled as to console;

to be understood, as to understand,

to be loved as to love;

for it is in giving that we receive,

it is pardoning that we’re pardoned,

and it is in dying that we’re born to eternal life.


Crystal of the Week – Citrine October 1, 2009

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Self confidence, focus and business success are not always easy things to maintain.  Which is why it’s wonderful to have a stone like Citrine around that can bolster these aspects of your life!  This beautiful gemstone corresponds to the Solar Plexus chakra and ranges in color from bright yellow, to yellow-brown, to almost clear. 

I’ve found that citrine is an almost “self-clearing” stone; meaning that it does not retain negative energy as much as other stones, and doesn’t require cleansing as often. (It is still a good idea to clear out the stone occasionally.)

 Since it is a stone that helps memory and focus, citrine is an excellent stone for students to use.  Place a piece on your desk or take it with you when you are studying.  I would sometimes take a small piece of citrine (and another gemstone, fluorite) into exams with me and hold them when I felt “stuck” on an answer. 

 Citrine is also wonderful to have with you during job interviews or in any social situation.  Something that I have had success with is a citrine necklace!  You may be thinking….”But she just said citrine corresponds to the Solar Plexus chakra.  Why would you wear a citrine necklace where it will be working with the Throat Chakra?”  Well, since citrine promotes confidence and personal power, wearing it by your throat helps you speak confidently and with authority.  I’m sure mixing the necklace with blue stones such as lapis would create an even stronger effect!

 This gemstone is also believed to bring good luck and good fortune (especially in business ventures).  It gives off such positive and happy energy that I’ve found it can help bring new friends into your life.  Or, strengthen friendships that you already have.

 A very dear friend of mine got me a piece of citrine about two weeks ago and I have been meditating with it every night.  Since this piece of citrine was a gift, I feel like it’s properties are even stronger because the stone was given out of loving friendship.  The effects are wonderful!  I’m taking better care of myself (taking more time to dress nicely, eat better, and spend time with friends).  Even when I’m very sleepy and can’t do a focused meditation, I take just a minute to lay down with the citrine placed on the very center of my Solar Plexus chakra.  Every time I use it I can feel the citrine powerfully clear out and strengthen my chakra. 

 It really is a multi-layered stone so I’m sure you can find a way to use citrine in your life!


Properties:  Confidence, Personal power, Studying, Success, Good Luck, Good Fortune