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New Years 2010: Blue Moon, Venus and the Number 3! December 31, 2009

Good bye to 2009 and hello 2010!  I have a wonderful feeling about 2010 – how can I not when there are so many wonderful things lined up to usher in the new year (and the new decade)?!  

First off, tonight is a Full Moon which means that there is a lot of energy bringing the new year in.  But EVEN BETTER is the fact that it is the SECOND full moon of the month – a Blue Moon!!!  Blue moons are very rare and are extremely powerful.  Blue moons bring luck and create an atmosphere filled with Magick.  You can use this energy to manifest a year that is wonderful beyond anything you can even imagine.  

Looking at the year numerologicaly we see that 2010 is a 3 year.  (2+0+1+0 = 3)  Three is a very significant number of cycles and completion.  It is the first number that has a beginning, middle and end.  Think of the spiritual significance attached to the number such as the Holy Trinity and the Triple Goddess – Maiden/Mother/Crone (each phase of the goddess signifies the human life stages of Birth/Life/Death).  

3 is also a number that relates to creativity.  

Now lets take a quick look at the significance of the day of the week.  January 1, 2010 is a Friday!  The year begins on the day of the week that is ruled by the planet Venus!!!  The year (and decade) begins on a day whose properties include love, friendship, peace and harmony.  How wonderful!

The Universe is giving us a great start to the year and decade – let’s make the most of it!  Lot’s of blessings )O(


Yule music! December 21, 2009

For your Yuletide enjoyment I am listing the following link.  The artist is in no way associated with this blog; I just happened to be searching for Yule music and found this online! The lyrics in this song really embody the significance of Yule.  I hope you enjoy!  Blessed Yule!


Enter the night and you’ll find the light,
That will carry you to your dreams.
Enter the night, let your spirit take flight,
In the field of infinite possibilities

On the longest night we search for the light,
And we find it deep within.
Open your eyes to embrace what is wise,
And see the light of your own soul shining.

Wrap up in the cloak of starry darkness my child,
And you’ll find the center of all things.
For from this space of the deepest dark place,
Life Eternal does spring.

So when you find that spark
When you dream in the dark,
Hold it close to your heart and know.
All that you see is all that can be
When you give birth to the dreams of your soul.


Music by Lisa Thiel


Winter Solstice 2009. Blessed Yule!


Yule Pentacle


The Winter Solstice, or Yule, is one of the major Sabbats in the Wheel of the Year.  Yule is the first Sabbat after Samhain.  If you’ll remember, we talked about how Samhain is a time of endings and beginnings…almost Void-like in quality. We can reflect on aspects of our lives that need to be released in order for there to be rebirth.  It is the season of “death” that is needed in order to make way for new life.  This new life is celebrated during the sabbat of Yule!

The Winter Solstice marks the shortest day of the year.  On this day the god (the Solar force) is reborn and his arrival brings the gradual lengthening of daylight.  Many cultures and religions have belief systems that recognize the birth of a god during this time of year.  

When Christianity gained a foothold, many of the various pagan Solstice traditions were incorporated by the Church.  This explains the many overlapping traditions and symbols that are used during Christmas such as the Christmas Tree and Mistletoe.  In many cases, these traditional Christmas symbols stem from the stories of pre-Christian gods.  (Please check back soon for another post discussing these gods and symbols).  This by no means negates the validity of any one religious path; rather it enhances the significance of this time of year – a time of joyous rebirth.  

As light returns to the world, so to does it return to our lives.  We have passed through the Sabbats that deal with endings.  Now the focus is on using the spark of rebirth to bring new vitality and accomplishments into our lives.  Yule is when you meditate and consult with your Higher Self about what your focus should be for the upcoming year.  Set goals for yourself and know that this is the perfect time to expect miraculous beginnings.  

Yule is such a joyous time of year – celebrate!  Gather with your friends and family to sing and eat together.  During one memorable Yule celebration, Mermaid, myself and several of our friends did a candle ceremony and then kept the festive energy going by singing “Walking in a Wiccan Wonderland!”  I have no idea who wrote the lyrics, but it was so much fun to take a popular winter song and use it in our Yule celebration.  

This is a time when blessings increase – open yourself up to receiving them.  Love and Joy to you on this wonderful day.

Blessed Be.


Poem of the Week-“God Exists Quietly” December 7, 2009

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Hello everyone!  I appologize the decline in frequency in posts, but we both have had a lot going on recently.  I was listening to my iPod the other day and was inspired to share the poem below.  It is by the singer/songwriter Jewel, who also writes poetry and paints in her spare time.  Think what you want of her music, but the following poem is a well-written meditation on connecting with a Higher Power through nature.


God Exists Quietly

God exists quietly.

When I sit still and contemplate
the breeze that moves upon me
I can hear Him.

For hours I would lay
flat upon the meadows
stare at the
endless field of blue sky
and revel in
the divine placement of all things.

I would walk alone
in the woods and let my mind wander
freely, stumble across theories
on the origins of myself
and all things.

In nature I knew all things had
their place. None supreme,
none insignificant and so
great peace would come to me
as I fit neatly in the folds
between dawn and twilight.
Living in sync with the rhythm
of the earth, eating what
we grew, warming
ourselves by the coal fire,
myself in the vast silence that existed
between the wild mountains of Alaska
and our front porch.

I grew to love the
Nature of god.
I knew Him best not in churches, but

alone with the sun shining on me through the treesIt birthed a space in me
that would continue to
crave the sacred
and demand sanctity
as my life took flight
and lit out to travel
the world.It has grounded me
and held me steady
in the strong winds
that have carried me
so far from
where I have been.

Prayer is the greatest
ship my heart could sail upon.

For more of Jewel’s poetry, check out her book, Night Without Armor:  Poems, written by Jewel Kilcher in 1999.

Where do you connect most with a Higher Power (God, the Universe, etc)?  Do you feel the most spiritually aware in communal worship in a church setting, or by alone in nature?