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Poem of The Week: “At Risk” November 16, 2009

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Life is always lived at risk.
We may grow complacent
And not realize it.
We may not snell the fresh sweat
Of anxiety or excitement,
But what are we breathing for?
Touch the nerve of passion
And live for greatness.
Fear of failure stops many,
But Death stops everyone.
So love without restraint,
Create the New,
Follow the courage of your highest dream.
Fate favors your daring.
Risk surrounding to Love,
And gain your Soul.

From the book “Art Psalms” by Alex Grey. Pg 87

What is your reaction to this week’s poem?


Poem of the Week–“Art Psalms” September 9, 2009

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Words are such powerful ways of sending out energy to the Universe.  Each word we say transmits a certain energy, combined with the intention of the speaker.  This is why affirmations work so well.  When we send out expectations to the Universe, those words bring what we desire into our lives.  If you are working toward a life change or want to bring in more of something in your life, try starting your day by saying, “I have _____” or “I am _____” every morning and see what happens.  The most important thing is to be clear in your desire and intention. 

 Another great way to use words is to write them on things you with to imbue with that energy.  For example, writing love or happiness or inner peace on the outside of a water bottle will imbue the water (or whatever liquid) inside the bottle with the energy from those words.  In turn, when you drink that liquid, you will be taking in that energy.  Always use positive energy words and before using words to imbue the water, energetically clear it of any negative energy it may have incorporated during its journey to you.  For more information of water’s reactions to negative a positive energy, check out one of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s books.  He has done a lot of interesting research on the subject.

 Personally, words have always had a deep effect on me.  My favorite songs are my favorites because of the lyrics and how I connect with them.  I’ve also written poetry since I was very young and used words to help me expel stagnant or negative energy so that I may continue to grow, spiritually and emotionally.

 So, after that long introduction, I would like to present to you the Mermaid Tree’s first installation of our ongoing project of “Poem of the Week.”  Our first one comes from the book Art Psalms by Alex Grey.  On page nine in the 2008 edition. 


Art Psalms

Angels dictate mystic rants,

Accompanied by picture prayers.

Precious alloy of art and wisdom,

Forged in a soul furnace,

Beaten on the anvil of discontent

Until shaped suitable for the altar

In the Church of Vision

Where creativity is religion.


We seek through art

To recover our center,

To remember our soul’s task,

To stop sleepwalking in confusion,

To stop managing our depression,

To harness the passion of inextinguishable love,

To find the One Godself,

Hidden throughout creation.

Art is the scab healing the wound

Of the separate-self illusion.


Creators alligned with Divine Will

Make the soul perceptible.

Artist priests with minimal dogma

Transfix, transform, and evolve

The chaotic melding of cultures,

Through the dross of ego

To superconsciousness fusion

With the Nature-field.

Suddenly, Holy Spirits are everywhere.

Saviors invent solar panels,

Restore species, and habitats mushroom,

Alchemically transmuting earthly desacration.

All creatures, brothers and sisters,

Planet as Holy Temple.


"Holy Spirit" By Alex Grey.  Acrylic on wood.  1998.  Page 8 in Art Psalms.

"Holy Spirit" By Alex Grey. Acrylic on wood. 1998. Page 8 in Art Psalms.

How do you use words in your spiritual life?  Share them along with your reactions to the above poem in a comment below!