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Poem of the Week: “Forgive Me, Creator” November 3, 2009

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Forgive Me, Creator

Source of all art,

Forgive my shirking

Your gifts.

I have received your visions and songs,

Been inspired by your

Angelic emissaries and

Carried aloft by your grace

And yet have not fulfilled the mission

You’ve given me.

I’ve operated below my potential.

I’ve been distracted by unworthy matters,

Wasted precious time.

I promise to work harder

And devote my life

To sharing creations that cause minds

To catch fire with

Your gifts.


Grey, Alex.  Art Pslams.  Berkeley:  North Atlantic Books, 2008.  p 79.


Any reactions?


Art Meditations – The Sensual Surrender to Art September 16, 2009

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Artwork:The Open Window, Matisse

I realize that art on a spiritual blog may not be quiet expected.  However, it is one of the many mediums that humankind has used over the centuries to reach the Sublime.  I’ve found that looking at art is a way of absorbing the collective creativity and passion of generations before.

The more obvious choices for art meditations would be religious art, and I will definitely be using those later on.  But I wanted to start with a secular piece in order to highlight that Spirit is incorporated into every work.  Every manifestation of Inspiration, Beauty and Creativity is a work of the All Creator.

I am experiencing art in a new way.  As a student of art history I have had the privilege of learning remarkable facts and stories surrounding works of art and the artists who brought them into fruition. When I look at “The Open Window” I realize that there are many things I can tell you about it.  I can give you information about Matisse himself and his companions in the Fauvist movement.  I can tell you the date it was painted and the medium that was used, and what significance it plays in the world of art.  But those things are for the classroom where I learned them.  That time of my life has come to an end and I realize it’s time to see what significance art plays in my world.  How does this painting transcend the limits of time to become an active part of my reality?  It is time to go beyond facts, and beyond the awe of seeing a work of art in person.  In order to grow and truly understand the works I must absorb them into my very psyche; break them down and perceive them through the illumination of my own experiences.

When you do this, the work becomes a personal reflection of your life and your relationship is undeniably intimate.  You understand the work in a way nobody else ever will.  A secret exists between you and the art.  Tangible.  Alluring.  Frightening.  Arousing.  Unforgettable.

Surrender to art and you will forever be changed.

“When I put a green, it is not grass.  When I put a blue, it is not the sky.” ~Henry Matisse

"The Open Window"  Henri Matisse, 1905, Oil on Canvas

"The Open Window" Henri Matisse, 1905, Oil on Canvas

Take the time to meditate on the painting and see what happens.

Pay close attention and analyze as many details as possible.  Be a
critical viewer.  When you have thoroughly examined the painting,
allow yourself to relax and sink into the image.  Don’t consciously
analyze things anymore – just let it flow.  You’ll start to realize
ways in which the painting relates to aspects of your own life.

**There is NO right or wrong way to do this exercise.  Just relax, enjoy and appreciate whatever comes to you.**

If you would like, feel free to read about my own meditation experience:

When I enter “The Open Window” I enter into a world of vitality, potential and serenity.  My Inner Child responds to the bright colors and texture of the brushstrokes.  By connecting with my Inner Child I am able to experience the painting more fully.  It is not just my Middle Self (or Talking Self) that is engaged.

As I am absorbed into the painting I realize how well I resonate with the imagery.  I can place myself in the work.  I am standing just in front of the window.  While it is a beautiful view I am not able to see everything.  I am only capable of seeing the one path in front of me.  In order to see the entire panorama I must move beyond the window.  This is a reflection of a life lesson I must learn.  In order to really see what options are available to me, I must go beyond the limitations I have set for myself.  The window is already open for me, but I must follow through and ACT.  Otherwise I will continue to sit and observe the ships (opportunities) come and go.  It is comfortable to stay inside the room because it is familiar and non-threatening.  Just as in life it is easy to stay where I am because it is familiar.  Even though I might yearn for a change…I might yearn to leave the window and actually find a way to go outside and get on a boat…it is so much easier to stay where I am.  Because when I make a change I am taking a chance and taking charge of my own life.  And that is scary.  What if I make a mistake?  What if I choose the wrong boat (wrong direction to follow)?

Then I realize: even if I choose the wrong boat at least I am still out on the Ocean.  At least I am still having an adventure and can now see all the options and beauty around me.  I am no longer passively watching, but acting and taking chances.  I might have to switch over to many other boats, maybe even take a rest stop on an island somewhere, and then start sailing again to get to my end destination.  But the voyage is necessary and worthwhile.  I use my joy and passion as a compass, and sail on fearlessly.

What was your experience like while meditating on The Open Window?