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Alternative Healing: Colors and Clothing September 27, 2009

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Do you ever have certain days when you feel pulled to wear a certain color over another?  Do you go through periods when you find yourself buying a lot of one color or is there a dominant color in your wardrobe?  This happens to me all the time and the reason is usually due to imbalances in my chakra system. 

 Each of the main seven chakras that can be found along your spine corresponds to different organs, emotions, and colors.  Every color also vibrates at a certain level and emanates a different kind of energy that will influence you and your aura.  By wearing different colors, you can balance out your chakra flows and possibly help to solve any pains or emotional issues caused by energetic origins.  Meditation and yoga are also great ways to work through blockages.  If you are pulled to a certain color, this may indicate a blockage around the corresponding chakra.  To help you figure out what your intuition (and your wardrobe) is trying to tell you, here are the chakras and the corresponding colors:


Basic Chakra Location and Associations Chart

Color Chakra Location Associations Other Notes
Red Root


Base of spine  Survival  
Orange Sacral Naval area Fertility, Creativity 


Yellow Solar Plexus Solar plexus Self-Confidence Yellow is also associated with happiness.
Green Heart Heart Love (romantic and divine) Green is also associated with healing and prosperity in general.
Blue Throat Throat Communication Blue is also associated with tranquility.
Indigo Third Eye


Middle of forehead Intuition   
Violet Crown Top of Head Divine connection This chakra is also associated with white.


What colors are you being drawn to?  Do you think there is an underlying metaphysical reason?


Crystal of the Week – Hemimorphite September 15, 2009

Keywords: Listening, Self Confidence, Inner Guidance, Ascended Masters/Spirit Guides, Balance, Energy Assimilation

Hemimorphite is a stone that I have been working with for a relatively short period of time.   One of my friends sent me earrings made of the stone last year for my birthday.  I had never heard of it before!  It’s a light blue stone that looks similar to pale pieces of turquoise.  I love that my first pieces of hemimorphite came set in earrings because they helped me be quiet and listen.  Blue stones are always great for communication.   Since your Throat Chakra is blue energy, blue stones help aid in balancing and strengthening the chakra.  But sometimes it becomes so easy to communicate yourself to other people by talking and talking, that we forget to listen.   I know it’s something that I have to remind myself of.  So having hemimorphite close to my ears helps me maintain the communication balance by listening more.

I’ve also found that it helps me listen to my inner guidance, and assists in getting clear messages from my Angels, Spirit Guides, and other helpful beings such as Ascended Masters.  I think this is because of hemimorphite’s very high energetic vibration.  It is beneficial to the Crown Chakra and can help the user gently assimilate higher energies.  It is a good idea to use hemimorphite often, as it will aide you in opening and maintaining channels of communication with your Guides.  Another aspect of this is it’s ability to help you “open” and focus while meditating.

An exercise that I find to be very soothing is to lay down comfortably and place a piece of hemimorphite on my heart chakra. I close my eyes and let my thoughts wander.  Sometimes I ask questions about things going on in my life, and then I just drift along and don’t push for answers.  I’ve found that hemimorphite helps link the Heart and Mind, so that you create or find solutions to problems that are in accordance with both.   As a message on a Yogi Tea bag reads: “The head must bow to the heart.”   I really like that quote and I feel like hemimorphite can help establish that.

In addition, this exercise boosts my self confidence and strengthens my faith in myself.   I feel energized and renewed when I work with hemimorphite.


The Joys of Nasal Breathing September 2, 2009

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Yoga is something I say that I do, but in all honesty, I go through some looooong periods without actually doing it. Don’t judge! I know some of you do the same thing! So everytime I start to do yoga again, I am reminded of just how good I feel afterwards. This happened to me around three o’clock in the afternoon yesterday.

It isn’t just the stretching or balanced chakras, either. I throroughly enjoy the breathing part of yoga, which is actually a really big part if you do things correctly. I love how I feel when I actually make the effort and coordinate my inhales and my exhales with all of the moves. It makes all the difference and really helps me get into the zone, especially when I am only breathing through my nose. Focusing on my breathing allows me to clear my head and completely place all of my consciousness in the movements and their affects on my aura and chakras. If you haven’t ever tried yoga, and meditation isn’t quite doing what you need for your energy, I highly recommend trying it out. There are many free websites that show all the positions, from beginner to advanced, and there are usually yoga instruction books in the discounted section of the big bookstores. My personal favorite new find is the free yoga application on the iPhone. Not only does it include several videos that talk you through different routines, but it also has relaxing music and guided mediations! I admit, I haven’t tried all of the app yet, but so far I love what it has to offer. (For more info about the best spiritual apps on the iPhone, check back for the article later in the week!).

Breathing is useful in general meditation as well. About a month ago, my mother said she found it so amazing I was able to sit and meditate for extended periods of time without my mind clouding my experience with worries.  She said she has tried, but can’t seem to shut out that voice inside her head that dictates her to-do list.  I’m sure some of you may have the same issue.  I sometimes do too.  Forcing your consciousness to shift is a great way to remedy this, and there are several ways from which to choose.  Some advise lighting a candle and focusing on the flame, others suggest playing relaxing, soft music and allowing yourself to get lost in the tune.  I told her to try focusing on her breathing.  This isn’t a new concept, either–by any means. 

Many books and articles on meditation will tell you to try this, but because it is such a simple idea I think a lot of people forget how effective it can be.  You don’t need to buy a candle or a cd.  All you need is your body in some sort of comfortable position (either sitting down, standing up, or laying down–as long as your chakras along the spine are aligned) and then begin to focus on your breathing.  Try to breath through your nose (or you can inhale through your nose and exhale through your mouth) and then gradually try to take slower, longer breaths.  Start slowly and relaxingly (is that a word?) counting the seconds and attempt to make your inhale, exhale, and the time inbetween breaths all equal.  Do not hold your breath and if at any time you become uncomfortable, have a headache, become dizzy, or anything else that is not part of your normal mediation experience starts happening STOP!  You should try to take longer breaths, but do not EVER practice a meditative or breathing exercise that dangers your health, creates pain, or makes you feel uncomfortable.  When done correctly, eventually people usually get so lost in counting their breaths that they stop thinking about the every day things and their minds are open to receive spiritual guidance or messages. 

So, there is why I love breathing, and not just for the normal, life-giving reasons.  When we breathe, we are taking in more than just the particles and chemicals around us.  We are taking in the energy around us and we should always be conscious of that. 

Hope this helps anyone out there who may be having difficulty meditating or just clearing their mind in general.  This feeling of peace and wellbeing also washes over me after just doing yoga.  So, whether you want to be active or just sit and receive from the universe, breathing is a great place to start!


Have a great technique for clearing your mind or meditating?  Share by commenting below!