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September Full Moon – the Corn Moon September 4, 2009

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“Summer ends, and Autumn comes, and he who would have it otherwise would have high tide always and a full moon every night.” ~Hal Borland

Well luckily for us tonight IS a full moon!  There is something truly magical about seeing the moon hover in the sky and glow with a gentle brilliance.  It is beautiful in every phase – a delicate sliver when it is reborn as the new moon, a waxing and waning crescent, and it’s most stunning form as a full shining orb.

The moon is most often associated with the feminine, while the sun is regarded as the masculine aspect. (There are always exceptions however!  Just think of Amaterasu, a Shinto kami – spirit/deity – who is the goddess of the Sun).  Working with the moon is a perfect way to connect with your Divine Feminine (regardless of your gender).  I like to take a few minutes to go outside and gaze up at the moon.  As her light hits my skin, I breathe in the energy and feel my intuition expand and my emotions calm.  A subtle joy fills me.  All is well.

The Moon is a wonderful teacher; her phases remind us to pay attention to the different phases we experience in our own lives.  When the moon is full it is an excellent time to give our goals an extra “push” since the energy is at it’s pinnacle.  The full moon increases our intuition and psychic abilities, bringing things into greater illumination.  I’ve found that it is easier for me to go into deep meditations during this time.  I also have very clear tarot readings (especially if I use a goddess tarot or oracle deck).

It’s also helpful to take an inventory of your life (since the full moon brings clarity) and see what has grown into fruition, and in turn, what needs to be released when the moon begins to wane.  The full moon is also a powerful time for manifestation, so go ahead and visualize your life as being full and abundant in all aspects!

Every full moon has a special energy to it.  Various cultures have named each month’s full moon, and you can use this as a guide. In the lovely month of September, it is called the Full Corn Moon (thank you, Farmers Almanac) since this is the time of year when the corn is harvested.  In neo-pagan traditions the September moon is called the Full Barley Moon.  (Are these food names making anyone else hungry?).  Well anyway, I’ve found that the September full moon is especially powerful as it really brings the abundance of summer to a nice culmination.  It’s time to harvest all the blessings that grew over the past couple months, and make room for the new season.

I like that the Full Moon falls so early in September this year.   Later this month we have the sabbat of Mabon (also known as the Autumnal Equinox) to look forward to.  Mabon is a powerful day to bring balance into our lives.  (I will be posting more information about Mabon soon, so be sure to check back!)

So enjoy harvesting the blessings and lessons of the full moon and the preceding months, and then get ready to bring it all into balance later in September on the Equinox!  It is going to be a beautiful lineup!

What do you enjoy most about the Full Moon?  Share with our other readers by posting below!