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Remembering the Faerie Spirits During the Winter November 3, 2009

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Without the new growth and everyday sunshowers of springtime, it can sometimes be very easy to forget about the faerie spirits that help to keep Mother Earth functioning for us year-round.  Even in the winter, earthly beings and elementals are hard at work, trying to take care of our home planet and give us a beautiful home.  They take care of those plants that cannot deal with the harshness of the cold and help those that can to continue to grow.  They ensure that everything still is alive with the buzzing energy of Spirit, even though much of the earth is laying dormant until the sun comes out to warm us again.  This is why it is important to still give thanks to those beings, even if their work is less noticeable in the upcoming months.  Remember to give thanks by whatever means you feel comfortable.  Traditionally, Litha, or Midsummer, is reserved for more faerie energy, but the Winter time can be perfect for giving back to those beings that help us survive all year.


One way is to simply remember them.  Sit outside one  chilly morning (remember to dress appropriately–no need to sacrifice your health) and look around you.  Observe the different animals you see and the difference in their actions from when you see them in Spring or Summer.  Look at all the trees.  Observe the beautiful colors of the leaves and even the glory of seeing the bare trees standing against an overcast sky.  Take in the beauty of the cycle of life and remind yourself of how all things must come to an end–and that there is beauty, too, in death.  Observe the clouds and the misty coldness of the air.  Breathe it in and feel it fill you with the spirit of the season.  Yule will be here soon.  Feel the air getting crisper, almost clearer.  Listen to the wind whip around the bare trees and play with the leaves as they fall to the ground.  Now, open your heart and give thanks to all of those beings that are providing this scene to you.  Give thanks to the Universe for allowing you to witness this beautiful cycle and for allowing you to understand the significance of beginnings and endings. 


Other than simply acknowledging their existence, you can still set out bright and shiny things for the faerie folk.  If you are baking cookies for Thanksgiving or Yuletime, set one or two aside out on a plate for them.  Fill them with Love and Thanks.  Then, either discard them or eat them after 24 hours.  You can also crumble them up and spread them around your house or around particularly beautiful foliage of the season.  Pouring some cider or wassail as an offering is another way to show your gratitude for all of the work being done by unseen forces.  The important thing is to remember that even though it appears that life is slowing down, a lot is happening behind the scenes that we tend to forget about. 


Have a blessed Winter!

How do you give thanks during the Winter?   Do you have any traditions that are simply associated with the season (and not a specific religious holiday)?  Please share!


Crystal of the Week – Mahogany Obsidian September 22, 2009

I chose this Crystal of the Week with Mabon in mind – Blessed Mabon to you all!!! (For information about Mabon, please see the entry Mabon 2009 (The Autumnal Equinox) which was posted on 9-18-09.)

Mahogany Obsidian is an interesting stone that lends a variety of properties when used.  Even during periods when I am not actively working with it, I enjoy picking up my piece of Mahogany Obsidian to feel what energy is coming from it that day.  Mahogany Obsidian always gives off the aspect of its energy that the user most needs (or perhaps we unconsciously draw the aspect we most need from the stone?)

There are really three main components that I feel make Mahogany Obsidian such a diverse stone.

Fire – Like all obsidian, mahogany obsidian was formed from lava.  The Fire component of this stone gives it energy, vitality, inspiration and passion.  It also engenders courage and confidence in the user.

Iron – This form of obsidian gets its red-brown mahogany coloring from iron particles that were trapped as the lava cooled.  The iron enables this stone to give the user strength, determination and conviction.  As the fire aspect helps the user have inspiration and courage, the iron aspect then helps in maintaining that courage and ensures the user’s strength of will.

Earth – Although the iron technically makes up the “earth” part, I wanted to talk about the rock aspect itself.  Mahogany obsidian can just give off a very earthy vibe!  It’s great.  Really grounding and stabilizing.  It’s like the last part of this amazing triple action team!  After the fire sparks inspiration/courage/passion the iron maintains/strengthens it, and then the earth ground and stabilizes everything.  How awesome is that!?!  The earth properties also give mahogany obsidian excellent protection energy.

I realized one day that I had been overlooking other really obvious elemental connections:

WATER and AIR – There is always a certain amount of water content included.  Sometimes the water bubbles are visible to the naked eye in certain forms of obsidian.  But even if they aren’t, they can usually be spotted easily with a microscope.  Water lends the mahogany obsidian emotional balance.

And of course the lava is cooled by air.  Air gives the stone the properties of communication and clear thinking.

So overall this is a great stone!  Fire and Earth are the strongest energies in Mahogany obsidian, but all the elements harmonize together to help the user in multiple ways.

I encourage you to use Mahogany Obsidian as a way to do a daily “Self-reflection.”  Sit quietly with your mahogany obsidian and see what aspect/element reaches out to you most strongly.  Write down your observations and see how it changes over the course of about two weeks (or whatever length of time works for you.  You can also try doing it once a week and just make sure you do it for about 8 weeks, if you don’t have time to do it daily).  Did the obsidian share more of its Iron aspect with you?  Or perhaps you received grounding energy?  Or a boost of energy?  Make a note of any messages, thoughts and energy shifts that happen when working with mahogany obsidian.  Going back and reading your daily reflections will help you see patterns that might point out areas you need to work on.

Properties:  Strength, Courage, Grounding, Protection, Willpower, Self-reflection

I enjoy posting this as the Crystal of the Week on Mabon since it has such a balance of elements within itself, and Mabon is a time of balance.  It also reflects the “harvesting” idea in a nice way.  After the action of the lava bubbling up and cooling (which reflects the summer months of growth), the rock is harvested with all its wonderful properties solidified (which resonates with the completion of goals and reaping of blessings that occurs at the end of harvest time).  Plus, the stone itself is a pretty autumn color!

Enjoy!  And again, Blessed Mabon!