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Meditation With Lyrics September 13, 2009

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In the first Poem of the Week post, I mentioned how powerful words can be in practicing manifestation (search for “Art Psalms” to read the full article), but they can also be used in lyric form to aid in the meditation process.  Traditionally, meditative music is considered to be instrumental or to have a guide’s voice recorded over it in order to keep the listener focused.  Secular music heard every day on the radio isn’t usually considered useful in entering a meditative state or vibrating at a higher spiritual level.  Words that are normally used to aid in meditation are chants, repeated over and over again until you become part of the sound, but sometimes we are so familiar with the lyrics of a song that they are like a chant, exclaiming our emotions mixed with melody. 

The next time you are having trouble meditating or if you are looking for a change in your spiritual routine, I recommend going through your cds and playlists for a song you know completely by heart (generally, unexpected sounds can jar someone from a meditative state) both lyrically and musically.  It doesn’t matter if the song has a strong beat or a soft, slow tune, as long as you are familiar with it inside and out and can connect to the emotions portrayed, it will do.  You can even use the soundtrack to your favorite movie!  Try putting it on repeat or making a playlist full of songs that meet that description, though be aware of the transitions between songs.  This is supposed to aid in meditation, not make it more difficult.

Start by laying down or sitting in a comfortable position, as always, and try closing your eyes and resisting to urge to sing along or move to the beat.  Clear your mind and try just saying the words along with the song.  Focus on the imagery that comes with every verse and allow yourself to be consumed by that imagery.  Eventually stop saying the lyrics out loud and just let your mind drift and your thoughts flow. 

It may take some time to get used to, but this is a great way to change up your meditations!

As a side note, I would like to thank Dan for our first comment on the Mermaid Tree!  He is a photographer that created an app for the iPhone that pairs scenic meditative pictures with quotations.  It is inexpensive and a great tool for meditation.  To check out the link, look for the comment under the “10 Best Free iPhone Apps for the Spiritual.”  This is another way to use your phone in your spiritual life as well as use words in your meditative practices. 


What sorts of music, if any, do you listen to when meditating?  Have you ever had a deep meditation to a song with lyrics?


Top 10 Free iPhone Apps For the Spiritual September 3, 2009

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Spirituality and technology aren’t usually considered a perfect pair, but there are many applications available for the iPhone that allow you to carry around your metaphysical and spiritual practices right in your pocket.  Like many Americans, I am not so financially fortunate at the moment, so I decided to make a list of what, in my opinion, are the top ten FREE applications pertaining to a variety to topics in the metaphysical realm.  Without further ado, here they are…


10) Zippo Lighter  This realistic and customizable lighter reacts to movement and breath.  It even flickers.  Try meditating with it if you are in a place that doesn’t allow fire or simply turn it on to tap into some fire energy when you are away from the candles.


9) River  This application is relatively simple, but good for anyone who finds water soothing.  Where are my water signs at?  In basic mode, it consists of a rock background with flowing water that reacts to touch.  The speed of the flow, meditative music, and background can all be customized.  It can be used just to relax or to tap into water energy.  Either way, it is pretty cool.


8 ) Whole Foods Market  With this app, you can find the nearest Whole Foods Market and access the website.  What I love most is the recipe sections that allows you to search by course or ingredients.  Mmmmmm organic!


7) Natural Cures  This is basically what it sounds like:  the app is an encyclopedia of natural cures to many different ailments and offers a lot of information about each entry.  Very useful!


6) My Past Life Free  Ok, so I know what you’re thinking and no, this application is so not accurate, but it is kinda fun.  You just put in your birthday and it gives you a past life scenario.  The app itself doesn’t even claim to be valid, but it does give you something to think about and might serve as a great conversation starter.


5) Bible Verses Free  This is a great, eco-friendly, and free way to carry around your favorite Bible verses.  If you subscribe to the Christian faith or find spiritual guidance through the Bible, I suggest getting this handy app for your phone!


4) iTarot  Using more traditional-looking tarot cards, this app provides a Card of the Day and a Love Card of the Day to the user.  While it doesn’t do longer readings (there are tarot apps that will, but you have to pay for them), this can be a useful way to learn your cards and their meanings as well as plan your day.


3) dhoroscopes  For a more traditional way to get day-to-day guidance, I suggest the Daily Horoscope application.  There are several horoscope apps available, but I like this one for set-up and accuracy.  Along with a daily horoscope, it also gives you a percentage of fortune in several areas of your life (like Love, Work, Emotions, etc), and who was born on each day.  You can also customize your icon. 


2) Goddess Tarot Lite Version  Again, this app does not do full readings, but it does give one-card readings and allow you to browse the beautiful 78-card deck, explanations included.  For more choices and longer readings, you can pay extra to get the full version.


1) Yoga  There are many yoga applications for the iPhone, but this free one (whose picture consists of a woman in light clothing in the lotus position) is my complete favorite!  Not only does it come with a variety of instructional yoga videos, but it also includes many choices for relaxing music and guided meditations. 


So, that is my list.  I hope you find it helpful in converting your iPhone into a piece of spiritual technology. 


Did I miss your favorite?  Post it below with a short description for our readers!