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Crystal of the Week – Citrine October 1, 2009

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Self confidence, focus and business success are not always easy things to maintain.  Which is why it’s wonderful to have a stone like Citrine around that can bolster these aspects of your life!  This beautiful gemstone corresponds to the Solar Plexus chakra and ranges in color from bright yellow, to yellow-brown, to almost clear. 

I’ve found that citrine is an almost “self-clearing” stone; meaning that it does not retain negative energy as much as other stones, and doesn’t require cleansing as often. (It is still a good idea to clear out the stone occasionally.)

 Since it is a stone that helps memory and focus, citrine is an excellent stone for students to use.  Place a piece on your desk or take it with you when you are studying.  I would sometimes take a small piece of citrine (and another gemstone, fluorite) into exams with me and hold them when I felt “stuck” on an answer. 

 Citrine is also wonderful to have with you during job interviews or in any social situation.  Something that I have had success with is a citrine necklace!  You may be thinking….”But she just said citrine corresponds to the Solar Plexus chakra.  Why would you wear a citrine necklace where it will be working with the Throat Chakra?”  Well, since citrine promotes confidence and personal power, wearing it by your throat helps you speak confidently and with authority.  I’m sure mixing the necklace with blue stones such as lapis would create an even stronger effect!

 This gemstone is also believed to bring good luck and good fortune (especially in business ventures).  It gives off such positive and happy energy that I’ve found it can help bring new friends into your life.  Or, strengthen friendships that you already have.

 A very dear friend of mine got me a piece of citrine about two weeks ago and I have been meditating with it every night.  Since this piece of citrine was a gift, I feel like it’s properties are even stronger because the stone was given out of loving friendship.  The effects are wonderful!  I’m taking better care of myself (taking more time to dress nicely, eat better, and spend time with friends).  Even when I’m very sleepy and can’t do a focused meditation, I take just a minute to lay down with the citrine placed on the very center of my Solar Plexus chakra.  Every time I use it I can feel the citrine powerfully clear out and strengthen my chakra. 

 It really is a multi-layered stone so I’m sure you can find a way to use citrine in your life!


Properties:  Confidence, Personal power, Studying, Success, Good Luck, Good Fortune