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A Poem For the Newest Souls April 28, 2012

I was moved this afternoon to jot down the following poem after reflecting on time recently spent with a special itty bitty (my name for what normal people call children).  No, this is not my biological clock tapping on my shoulder and urging me along.  This is simply in response to a connection made.  Those who follow us on Twitter will know (don’t follow on Twitter?  Well now you should!). 


More Truths Than You’ve Gathered

do not underestimate me

for though I may be small

my heart has set foot here before

and I’m familiar with the call.

words change over centuries,

the message is the same

to love, to care, to join, to share

brings more joy than fame.

I see more than you think.

I know more than you’d guess.

I remember what’s at the core

of the message time has tried to suppress.

Do not underestimate me

for though I may be small

now I remember more truths

than you gathered here, growing tall.




Think twice before discouraging the amazing imagination of children.  What we call “imagination” might be a message from Spirit.  What we call “fantasy” might just be the truth that you have forgotten.  Children have a habit of being brutally honest…whether you want them to or not.  Many struggle with how to raise their kids, spiritually, especially in today’s world though.  Sometimes it seems like the structure of a more mainstream religion would be easier for them to process and better for them socially.  Are any of you struggling with this or have an opinion on children and alternative spirituality?  Use the hash tag #newagebaby to reply on Twitter with your thoughts, stories, and suggestions.  Or, comment below…



Poem of the Week-“God Exists Quietly” December 7, 2009

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Hello everyone!  I appologize the decline in frequency in posts, but we both have had a lot going on recently.  I was listening to my iPod the other day and was inspired to share the poem below.  It is by the singer/songwriter Jewel, who also writes poetry and paints in her spare time.  Think what you want of her music, but the following poem is a well-written meditation on connecting with a Higher Power through nature.


God Exists Quietly

God exists quietly.

When I sit still and contemplate
the breeze that moves upon me
I can hear Him.

For hours I would lay
flat upon the meadows
stare at the
endless field of blue sky
and revel in
the divine placement of all things.

I would walk alone
in the woods and let my mind wander
freely, stumble across theories
on the origins of myself
and all things.

In nature I knew all things had
their place. None supreme,
none insignificant and so
great peace would come to me
as I fit neatly in the folds
between dawn and twilight.
Living in sync with the rhythm
of the earth, eating what
we grew, warming
ourselves by the coal fire,
myself in the vast silence that existed
between the wild mountains of Alaska
and our front porch.

I grew to love the
Nature of god.
I knew Him best not in churches, but

alone with the sun shining on me through the treesIt birthed a space in me
that would continue to
crave the sacred
and demand sanctity
as my life took flight
and lit out to travel
the world.It has grounded me
and held me steady
in the strong winds
that have carried me
so far from
where I have been.

Prayer is the greatest
ship my heart could sail upon.

For more of Jewel’s poetry, check out her book, Night Without Armor:  Poems, written by Jewel Kilcher in 1999.

Where do you connect most with a Higher Power (God, the Universe, etc)?  Do you feel the most spiritually aware in communal worship in a church setting, or by alone in nature?


Poem of The Week: “At Risk” November 16, 2009

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Life is always lived at risk.
We may grow complacent
And not realize it.
We may not snell the fresh sweat
Of anxiety or excitement,
But what are we breathing for?
Touch the nerve of passion
And live for greatness.
Fear of failure stops many,
But Death stops everyone.
So love without restraint,
Create the New,
Follow the courage of your highest dream.
Fate favors your daring.
Risk surrounding to Love,
And gain your Soul.

From the book “Art Psalms” by Alex Grey. Pg 87

What is your reaction to this week’s poem?


Poem of the Week: “Forgive Me, Creator” November 3, 2009

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Forgive Me, Creator

Source of all art,

Forgive my shirking

Your gifts.

I have received your visions and songs,

Been inspired by your

Angelic emissaries and

Carried aloft by your grace

And yet have not fulfilled the mission

You’ve given me.

I’ve operated below my potential.

I’ve been distracted by unworthy matters,

Wasted precious time.

I promise to work harder

And devote my life

To sharing creations that cause minds

To catch fire with

Your gifts.


Grey, Alex.  Art Pslams.  Berkeley:  North Atlantic Books, 2008.  p 79.


Any reactions?


Poem of the Week–“Spiritual Guidance System” October 21, 2009

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I want to apologize for the lack of poetry and posts from me over the past few weeks.  I had an intense meditation a while back and I am still trying to fully process it.  Here is a nice prayer/poem by Alex Grey that I thought would be good for the occasion and hopefully be helpful to someone else out there too.


Spiritual Guidance System

Dear God,

Thank you for all the senses

Given through my body and mind.

My sense of smell, touch, taste, hearing, vision.

Through these channels I know the world.

I oreint myself in space,

I am warned of danger,

I am drawn to nourishment,

I delight in Your world.


By the gifts of the saints I know

There are senses of the Soul.

Clairvoyants sense a world unknown.

Mystics see Your face God.

Allow my Spiritual Guidance System

To open and wisely use

The sense of the Soul

To better serve the world

So that obedience to Your Plan

May be more certain.


When you see that

I am ready

May I receive

These gifts of the spirit,

Senses to perceive

The Visionary worlds

Of Your Divine Imginination.


–Alex Grey Art Psalms p. 62


What are your reactions to the poem?  Do you regularly give thanks for your senses, both physical and spiritual?


Poem of the Week-“Spiritual Surrender” September 22, 2009

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“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.” -Leonardo da Vinci


Spiritual Surrender


spiritual surrender to the unknown

return to a path ignored and overgrown

clear away fear and stagnation

bow down at the feet of all Creation

accept the lessons, new and old

heed the warnings of trouble foretold

open myself wholly to Love and Light

expand my vision beyond physical sight

abandon the need for practical reason

live by the rhythms of the Mother’s seasons

swept away in nature’s harmony

it has taken many lifetimes to begin this journey



–Property of the Mermaid Tree.  2009.  The above cannot be reproduced in whole or part without author’s consent.


 What was your reaction to Spiritual Surrender?  Are there any poems or prayers that you associate with the Autumnal Exquinox?  Share them in a comment.



Poem of the Week– “The Illusion” September 15, 2009

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The Illusion






reached for truth

and came back empty-handed

each creature to discover

on their own

what occurs in their inbetweens

it takes a nanosecond

to slip

to learn the lesson

is balance found or created?

made to conform to our will

what we are willing to do

this illusion comes out of the shadows

the dark

that challenges the light

the grey

that stands against defined right

the temptation

too strong to fight

we are called to see the consequence

when Space and Time come back into focus

not lose our true center

spiritual locus


–Property of the Mermaid Tree. 2009.  The above may not be reproduced without obtaining permission from the author. 


Share your favorite spiritual poetry or words of wisdom in a comment.