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a question of Connection July 1, 2012

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As a spiritually in touch person, for lack of a better term, I consider myself to be fairly unattached from material items. I’ve always grouped technology in with this. I’m okay being away from my computer, phone, etc. In fact I enjoy going “off the grid” and not needing to respond back to emails or texts right on time. However, I’ve realized that I’m okay without technology when it is on a voluntary basis. The storm that passed through the DC area Friday night knocked out power, cable and internet for a lot of people. Power was out at some of the water facilities for the County, so we were warned that there might be a water shortage.
On Saturday I went to the mall and it was absolutely packed – and not just as an escape from the heat. Since so many houses now use electric stoves, people couldn’t cook. The line in Panera was going through the store as people ordered huge bags of take away items. People were using the public bathrooms as shower/changing rooms. And EVERY SINGLE power outlet was found and used. iPads, cell phones, laptops – cords and wires running everywhere. Every column in the mall that had outlets in it, had a ring of people leaning against them. When those ran out, people started opening the utility outlets that are imbedded on the floor (presumably for the cleaning people to use) and were camped out in the middle of the mall floor to charge their items.
This was after a storm that lasted about 30 minutes. My mind couldn’t stop from asking the question “What if there really was a disaster? What would we do?” Even though I have power at home, my internet and cable is out and my phone reception is dodgy at best. So here I am, camped out in Noodles and Company using their free wi-fi. Without being able to reliably make a call, send an email, check Facebook, tweet, or instant stream on Netflix I can’t help but feel like I’m missing out on my weekend.
And if I still encounter this feeling as a “spiritual person”, then how will the rest of humanity handle it if there is a blackout for a larger area? for a longer period of time?
Being in the year 2012 makes one slightly more anticipatory of earth changes happening. But are we really ready? Do you actually have a plan in place for when our normal forms are communication are no longer accessible. If you can’t go to the mall (or Noodles and Company) to charge your technology for…a week? Or what if the Metro shuts down? These questions have always floated in my mind in theory, but now it’s striking more closely to home after this weekend. This post isn’t to get people all panicky. It’s simply to ask the question: how connected are you? Not technology connected; but deeply intuitively connected. It’s fine to miss scrolling through your newsfeed – we do exist in the modern world after all. But if something were to happen where communication is down for a large span of time, are you in touch enough with your inner guidance system to just “know” and trust where to go and what to do in an emergency. And do you have practical plans in place? Do you have a check in system with friends or family to meet at a certain location? Do you have water, canned food and toilet paper?
We all want change to happen. The start of a new age where we exist at a “higher” stage of awareness. But sometimes we forget that in order for creation to occur, destruction needs to come first to clear the way. So this is a call for reflection about the reality of the changes that we’ll be going through. Stay strong in your inner knowing. Stay connected to Heart, Great Spirit and Mother Earth. And be practical. Make plans, but recognize that you can’t cling to those plans. Everything changes in an instant. And don’t worry. All is as it should be.