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Natural Healing: Cooking with Intention September 20, 2009

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One of the simplest ways to practice alternative healing in your life is to use common, everyday herbs.  We use herbs and spices like cinnamon, cloves, rosemary, and sage in cooking and baking all the time, but when using them for spiritual reasons, we usually think of carrying pouches of them around instead of turning to their more traditional uses.  This doesn’t have to be the case. 

 I suggest researching the seasonings you already have in the house and use the most in your cooking.  Then, when you are adding them to your recipe, whatever it may be, instead of just measuring and pouring, take a second to set the intention that you are using that ingredient for its healing and spiritual purposes along with its flavor.  Hold the ingredient in your hand and envision yourself eating the finished product.  Then, see yourself benefiting from the effects of that herb or spice positively in the exact way you would like it to help you.  Keep this in your mind as you mix it in with the rest of the ingredients.  You can also reaffirm this intention right before you are getting ready to dig in to your dish to make it even stronger!  There are many websites and books that give natural healing uses for common herbs and ingredients. 

Here are some of my favorite ways to “cook with intention”:


Rosemary is great for protection.  It can be baked into bread (rosemary bread and also be very easily found at a local grocery store if you are not inclined towards baking) or used in pasta.  Boil some of it while the pasta is cooking or add a pinch to marinara sauce.  It is also good for health, or protection against bad health.



Sage is best for clearing out any toxins or negativity within you, including physical health or emotional issues.  This can be used with pasta, lasagna, or even used to brewed tea.



Salt, of course, can be added to everything.  It is mostly used for protection



Cinnamon is my favorite spice to use when I am sick.  It is perfect for flu season and along with being a great ingredient in baking, cinnamon can also be added to coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.  When at Starbucks and feeling a little ill, I sometimes even add their cinnamon powder to water and drink that to soothe whatever ailment I might have.  It may sound odd, but it always works for me.  Soaking a stick of cinnamon boiling water or using it to stir coffee is another way to gain the positive effects.



Though usually used in aroma therapy, lavender can also be baked into bread or used in cookies.  Lavender is great for ultimate de-stressing and relaxing.


Remember, the important thing with all of the above suggestions, is to set the intention as you add them to your recipe or beverage.


Leave a comment with your favorite herb or spice along with why you use it for our other readers.



Basic Crystal Cleansing Techniques September 13, 2009

Keeping your crystals energetically healthy is always important.  We use crystals because their high energy frequencies help add to and focus our own power.  But since crystals are so sensitive, it is necessary to clear out all the lower energies that can accumulate.  This is especially important if you use crystals for healing work or spell work. 

There are many ways to clear your crystals, so I’m just going to list a few different options.  

Salt Water:  Mix salt and warm water in a bowl (preferably a clear bowl) and bless the water.  You don’t need a lot of salt.  It’s a very strong purifier, so a little bit is fine.  Adding too much can be harsh on the stones.  Place the crystals in the bowl and let them sit for 24 hours.  It’s even better if you let them sit in sunlight or moonlight!  I like this method because you can cleanse all your crystals at once!  I’ve found that my crystals always feel the cleanest when I give them a salt water bath.

However, this is not suitable for all crystals.  The stone selenite for instance, has such a soft composition that it’s not a good idea to put it in water.  Often times most tumbled stones are fine in salt water since they have an extra polish.  Take the time to tune into your stones and listen to how they would most like to be cleansed.

After the salt water soak, rinse your crystals off in running water, dry them, and place them back in their container (or wherever you keep them).

Intention:  This is a great method to use on stones that you have recently acquired, because it helps get the stone attuned to your energy.  You can do this in a number of ways, but I like to hold the crystal cupped between both hands.  Focus and feel the energy coming from the crystal.  Thank the crystal for helping you in your work, and affirm that it is now clear “of all negative vibrations, all lower vibrations, and everyone else’s vibrations” (since other people have touched the stone before you).  Also affirm that the crystal is now “filled with Love and Light” or whatever blessing you would like to impart.  

This is a great method to use when you have to do a quick cleansing.  For example, I use this method when I’m teaching about crystals and they are being passed around to a lot of different people.  That way everyone gets to use healthy, “clear” crystals while they are learning.  

Sunlight/Moonlight/Starlight:  The light from celestial bodies is very cleansing.  As I mentioned in the Salt Water Cleansing Method, sunlight and moonlight (and starlight!) can be used to enhance the water.  But they are also extremely effective at cleansing crystals on their own.  

Some stones should be used specifically with one or the other.  For instance, moonstone should be cleansed in moonlight.  I also try to clear other stones such as Apache Tears with moonlight instead of sunlight just because it’s gentler and doesn’t fade the color.  However, I have actually placed moonstone in the sun all day an it didn’t harm the stone energetically or anything, so there is no absolute rule.  I just prefer to cleanse the stones in either sunlight or moonlight according to their properties.  

Also, take into consideration what you are going to be using the stone for.  Lets say you are working with a piece of Lapis Lazuli.  I’ve found that this stone takes to being cleansed in both sunlight and moonlight equally well.  But if I wanted to use the lapis to help increase my psychic energy and intuition, then I would make sure to cleanse it in moonlight.  If on the other hand I wanted to use the lapis to help me speak up and stand my ground, then a cleansing in sunlight might be more beneficial.  

Sage:  I love the smell of sage!  One of my favorite herbs!  It has very strong protective and cleansing energy.  It’s a total miracle worker in my book!  A nice way to cleanse your crystals is to pass them through the smoke of burning sage.  Very simple and effective.   


What is your favorite crystal cleansing technique?  Share in the comment section below!