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A Poem For the Newest Souls April 28, 2012

I was moved this afternoon to jot down the following poem after reflecting on time recently spent with a special itty bitty (my name for what normal people call children).  No, this is not my biological clock tapping on my shoulder and urging me along.  This is simply in response to a connection made.  Those who follow us on Twitter will know (don’t follow on Twitter?  Well now you should!). 


More Truths Than You’ve Gathered

do not underestimate me

for though I may be small

my heart has set foot here before

and I’m familiar with the call.

words change over centuries,

the message is the same

to love, to care, to join, to share

brings more joy than fame.

I see more than you think.

I know more than you’d guess.

I remember what’s at the core

of the message time has tried to suppress.

Do not underestimate me

for though I may be small

now I remember more truths

than you gathered here, growing tall.




Think twice before discouraging the amazing imagination of children.  What we call “imagination” might be a message from Spirit.  What we call “fantasy” might just be the truth that you have forgotten.  Children have a habit of being brutally honest…whether you want them to or not.  Many struggle with how to raise their kids, spiritually, especially in today’s world though.  Sometimes it seems like the structure of a more mainstream religion would be easier for them to process and better for them socially.  Are any of you struggling with this or have an opinion on children and alternative spirituality?  Use the hash tag #newagebaby to reply on Twitter with your thoughts, stories, and suggestions.  Or, comment below…



Namaste September 1, 2009

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