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Crystal of the Week – Hemimorphite September 15, 2009

Keywords: Listening, Self Confidence, Inner Guidance, Ascended Masters/Spirit Guides, Balance, Energy Assimilation

Hemimorphite is a stone that I have been working with for a relatively short period of time.   One of my friends sent me earrings made of the stone last year for my birthday.  I had never heard of it before!  It’s a light blue stone that looks similar to pale pieces of turquoise.  I love that my first pieces of hemimorphite came set in earrings because they helped me be quiet and listen.  Blue stones are always great for communication.   Since your Throat Chakra is blue energy, blue stones help aid in balancing and strengthening the chakra.  But sometimes it becomes so easy to communicate yourself to other people by talking and talking, that we forget to listen.   I know it’s something that I have to remind myself of.  So having hemimorphite close to my ears helps me maintain the communication balance by listening more.

I’ve also found that it helps me listen to my inner guidance, and assists in getting clear messages from my Angels, Spirit Guides, and other helpful beings such as Ascended Masters.  I think this is because of hemimorphite’s very high energetic vibration.  It is beneficial to the Crown Chakra and can help the user gently assimilate higher energies.  It is a good idea to use hemimorphite often, as it will aide you in opening and maintaining channels of communication with your Guides.  Another aspect of this is it’s ability to help you “open” and focus while meditating.

An exercise that I find to be very soothing is to lay down comfortably and place a piece of hemimorphite on my heart chakra. I close my eyes and let my thoughts wander.  Sometimes I ask questions about things going on in my life, and then I just drift along and don’t push for answers.  I’ve found that hemimorphite helps link the Heart and Mind, so that you create or find solutions to problems that are in accordance with both.   As a message on a Yogi Tea bag reads: “The head must bow to the heart.”   I really like that quote and I feel like hemimorphite can help establish that.

In addition, this exercise boosts my self confidence and strengthens my faith in myself.   I feel energized and renewed when I work with hemimorphite.


Basic Crystal Cleansing Techniques September 13, 2009

Keeping your crystals energetically healthy is always important.  We use crystals because their high energy frequencies help add to and focus our own power.  But since crystals are so sensitive, it is necessary to clear out all the lower energies that can accumulate.  This is especially important if you use crystals for healing work or spell work. 

There are many ways to clear your crystals, so I’m just going to list a few different options.  

Salt Water:  Mix salt and warm water in a bowl (preferably a clear bowl) and bless the water.  You don’t need a lot of salt.  It’s a very strong purifier, so a little bit is fine.  Adding too much can be harsh on the stones.  Place the crystals in the bowl and let them sit for 24 hours.  It’s even better if you let them sit in sunlight or moonlight!  I like this method because you can cleanse all your crystals at once!  I’ve found that my crystals always feel the cleanest when I give them a salt water bath.

However, this is not suitable for all crystals.  The stone selenite for instance, has such a soft composition that it’s not a good idea to put it in water.  Often times most tumbled stones are fine in salt water since they have an extra polish.  Take the time to tune into your stones and listen to how they would most like to be cleansed.

After the salt water soak, rinse your crystals off in running water, dry them, and place them back in their container (or wherever you keep them).

Intention:  This is a great method to use on stones that you have recently acquired, because it helps get the stone attuned to your energy.  You can do this in a number of ways, but I like to hold the crystal cupped between both hands.  Focus and feel the energy coming from the crystal.  Thank the crystal for helping you in your work, and affirm that it is now clear “of all negative vibrations, all lower vibrations, and everyone else’s vibrations” (since other people have touched the stone before you).  Also affirm that the crystal is now “filled with Love and Light” or whatever blessing you would like to impart.  

This is a great method to use when you have to do a quick cleansing.  For example, I use this method when I’m teaching about crystals and they are being passed around to a lot of different people.  That way everyone gets to use healthy, “clear” crystals while they are learning.  

Sunlight/Moonlight/Starlight:  The light from celestial bodies is very cleansing.  As I mentioned in the Salt Water Cleansing Method, sunlight and moonlight (and starlight!) can be used to enhance the water.  But they are also extremely effective at cleansing crystals on their own.  

Some stones should be used specifically with one or the other.  For instance, moonstone should be cleansed in moonlight.  I also try to clear other stones such as Apache Tears with moonlight instead of sunlight just because it’s gentler and doesn’t fade the color.  However, I have actually placed moonstone in the sun all day an it didn’t harm the stone energetically or anything, so there is no absolute rule.  I just prefer to cleanse the stones in either sunlight or moonlight according to their properties.  

Also, take into consideration what you are going to be using the stone for.  Lets say you are working with a piece of Lapis Lazuli.  I’ve found that this stone takes to being cleansed in both sunlight and moonlight equally well.  But if I wanted to use the lapis to help increase my psychic energy and intuition, then I would make sure to cleanse it in moonlight.  If on the other hand I wanted to use the lapis to help me speak up and stand my ground, then a cleansing in sunlight might be more beneficial.  

Sage:  I love the smell of sage!  One of my favorite herbs!  It has very strong protective and cleansing energy.  It’s a total miracle worker in my book!  A nice way to cleanse your crystals is to pass them through the smoke of burning sage.  Very simple and effective.   


What is your favorite crystal cleansing technique?  Share in the comment section below!




Crystal of the Week – Smoky Quartz September 8, 2009

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Crystals and gemstones can be very beneficial in your meditation practice as well as in everyday life.  Each stone possesses certain properties that can help with various areas of your life.  Learning to work with crystals is an ongoing and rewarding process.  There are lots of books and websites that list the properties of stones, but it is always best to learn how to tune into the stone yourself and see what response you get from it. (For more information about how to work with crystals please check back soon for articles dealing with: connecting with your crystals, how to cleanse crystals, and different rituals you can do with crystals.)

Since there are so many stones that you can work with, we thought it would be helpful to choose one crystal each week and discuss its properties.

To get us started I decided to pick Smoky Quartz as the first Crystal of the Week!  Why?  Because it is one of the most useful and gentle stones that I have worked with!

Keywords:  Cleansing, Protection, Purification, Transmutation of energy

Smoky quartz is an extremely powerful but gentle crystal that pulls negative energy out of the user and transmutes the energy so that it is harmless.  Unlike with some other stones, I’ve never had smoky quartz give me the “head rush” that occasionally comes from toxins being released, or energy fields being activated.  While I can definitely feel it’s purification properties working, it is always a very relaxing experience (just make sure you are breathing deeply and keep affirming that you want to release all energy that is not for your highest good.)

I like using smoky quartz to ensure that all the energetic debris from the day is out of my system before I go to sleep.  Before going to bed, stand straight with your feet shoulder width apart.  Place a piece of smoky quartz in between your feet and let your arms fall gently to your sides.  Take deep abdominal breathes and with each exhale mentally push any negative energy out of your body and aura and into the smoky quartz.  (Even if you have trouble holding the visualization the smoky quartz will still clear out your energy).  When you are done, you can place the crystal on a windowsill where it will be cleansed by the lunar energy.  (We’ll discuss other clearing methods soon!)  If you feel that you’ve really cleared out a lot, then it may be helpful to have a few sips of water before retiring to bed.  This helps additionally flush out your system and brings hydrating balance.

I’ve also found smoky quartz is a wonderful crystal to place around the home or office.  It helps protect you from other people’s harsh thoughts and emotions and transmutes them into harmless energy.  Place a piece in your office, in your school locker or desk, in your living room, etc – you’ll really see a difference!  If you are holding an energy healing class, or doing any other kind of group energy work, it is a good idea to have smoky quartz in the room as an additional environmental cleanser.

Another great property of smoky quartz is its ability to remove nightmares.  Place a piece under your pillow or bed and enjoy a restful night of sleep! (Do not place the same piece of smoky quartz under your bed that you used to do the Standing Clearing Exercise described above without first cleansing it!)

How has smoky quartz been helpful for you?  Let us know by leaving a comment below.