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Lift A Stone and You Will Find Me June 9, 2012

The idea that Spirit is all around us is found in many different spiritual traditions (the title for this post came from the Gospel of Thomas, for example, but there are many other sacred texts that speak of how God is everywhere).  Sometimes it can be easy to take for granted the beauty in nature, and forget how amazing our planet really is.  Summer is a great time to take advantage of the nice weather and get more in touch with Earth and Mother Nature.  The time between Beltane and Litha is full of bursting energy and vitality everywhere! Just taking a walk in appreciation of the beauty and peace that exists on our planet can sometimes be all you need to feel refreshed or relaxed. If you are by yourself, try an “active” meditation, where you allow your thoughts to clear and then try to focus on seeing/sensing the energy emanating from the grass, trees, flowers, animals, etc around you. Feel your connection with all of Nature as you move through it. This connection is never broken, just sometimes forgotten. If you are with someone, try to focus your conversation on what you see around you, instead of on work, family, or financial issues you may be dealing with.

Not sure where to go? If you live in the Southeast region of America, try starting by checking out one or all of the following places below:

Smith Gilbert Gardens


Found in Kennesaw, GA, the Smith Gilbert Gardens are a little off the main road.  Though small compared to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, its secluded location allows for much fewer crowds and a better chance of a more personal experience in connecting to Spirit through the beauty of its foliage and artistic sculpture dispersed throughout.  Cost is low, but varies depending on if you go on a day when there is an event or guest speaker.  Along with the peaceful path through trees, bushes, and flowers, the gardens also include two koi ponds, a waterfall, and a bonsai tree collection.  If you are in the metro-Atlanta or North Georgia area, I highly recommend visiting the Smith Gilbert Gardens for a relaxing afternoon in seek of Spirit.


Chattanooga, Tennessee is a surprisingly eclectic and artsy city with plenty of things to do to fill a day trip or full weekend stay.  While I did enjoy the museums and I’ve heard the aquarium is worth visiting, the monument commemorating the beginning of the Trail of Tears made the biggest impact on me.  I did a brief meditation at each station and connected with the tiled Native American symbols that are part of the monument.  It is a beautiful and contemplative place, though it was a bit busy on the day I went.  Walking along the river, you can read about the history of the area on plaques while enjoying the blend of water and earth elements.  There are also river cruise opportunities!

Daytona Beach Pier

The city of Daytona Beach, FL has recently taken over the pier and done a huge renovation.  As it is a very popular tourist destination, this is not necessarily the place for a quiet meditation on the beauty of the water.  It is, however, a great, inexpensive way to connect to the element of water through the ocean.  There are many hotels lining the beach that can fit any budget and Daytona is one of the last beaches in the country that you can still drive on, allowing you to just park on the sand, take the chairs out of the trunk, and enjoy the sun.  The pier goes pretty far out into the water, which is why I recommend walking to the end (beware of fishing lines being throne in random directions!) and just losing yourself in the rhythm of the waves and the tide.  I hope the city continues to update the area, but until then I would say the pier is your best bet for some nature-bonding time.  If you are looking for something a little less crowded, try Flagler Beach in St. Augustine, found a little ways north of Daytona.  The historic downtown area is full of metaphysically-minded people and the beach is much less popular for out-of-state tourists.

Rock City

Rock City, Georgia is set high in the mountains on the boarder of Georgia and Tennessee.  It consists of a beautiful walking trail through rock formations, with some surprises along the way.  At the trail’s highest point, you can see seven states on a clear day.  The picture above is of the waterfall called Lover’s Leap, named after two young Native Americans who could not be together due to tribal disagreements.  They both leaped off the rocks to be together in eternity.  To read the full story and see all that Rock City has to offer, I recommend taking the scenic drive up to this theme-park type attraction.  There are plenty of places to stop, sit, and contemplate the beauty surrounding you as well.  This is a very unique place and definitely worth visiting, if only for its unexpected whimsical nature, involving gnomes and Mother Goose.

Of course, you don’t have to travel to anywhere new to connect with Earth. Visit a local park or just go into your backyard (if you have one) and look around. Take a walk around your neighborhood or visit a local lake, river, or ocean. Or, buy an indoor plant for your home and connect with its energy.

Please share with us your experiences at the above places as well as any new suggestions for where to go in a comment below!

All photos in this article were taken by the author in 2012.  Thank you for respecting her ownership of these images by not reproducing them.


Water: Meditation, Protection, Manifestation September 15, 2009

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Along the path of alternative spirituality, I have often remarked to Tree, “It is so expensive to be enlightened!”  I am always joking, of course, because true magick doesn’t need any tools to happen (though they can be very helpful in channeling energy), but it can sometimes feel that way when you are out shopping in the metaphysical stores and all of a sudden your intuition insists on you buying something that is a little out of your price range.  Or, maybe you find the perfect book to explain what has been going on with your meditations and dreams lately, but it seems a bit pricey and you still haven’t paid rent yet…

There is something to be said about working with the basics, though.  As I said, true magick need not all the funds in the world to manifest itself in your life.  It just needs your energy and intention.  Maybe a little bit of focus.  So, here are a few uses for a resource we all have, either flowing nearby or straight from the faucet:  Water!

Meditation     Water can be very useful in meditation, and not just for hydration!  When clearing out the negative energy from your aura, try placing a bowl of water at your feet or simply in front of you.  You can place different crystals in it as well to help in transmuting any energy that you place in the bowl.  Then, starting at your head, slowly work your way down your energetic systems and visualize the negative energy flowing into the bowl.  When you are finished, make sure you transmute the negativity with love energy if did not put any crystals in the bowl and then use it to water some plants. 

Another way to use water in meditation is to mix it with your favorite herbs.  They all have different meanings that can be found in several books and on many websites.  Alternatively, you can mix in the loose leaves from your favorite tea.  Allow the herbs to mix with the bowl of water completely and then use your fingers to “smudge” different energy points on your body with the mixture.  For example, putting some on your third eye could highten your awareness during the meditation.  Or, you could place some on your palms and the bottoms of your feet to open those chakras.  During your meditation, try to feel the herbs at work.  Connect with their energy and try to pull from their individual uses to gain the insight you are seeking in your meditative practice.  This can also be used simply to clear out your energy by using sage in the water (this technique is especially helpful if you are not in a place where you can burn something).

Protection     Water is a great way to transmute negative energy, and what better time to take advantage of that then when we are at our most vulnerable?  If you are having trouble with sleeping due to bad dreams, placing a bowl or water on your bedside table can really help!  I used this technique when I was going through a tough time a few years ago and was just getting frustrated because I wasn’t waking up feeling rested.  It worked really well for me.  I suggest dumping the water down the drain or clearing it of negativity and using it to water plants in the morning. 

Manifestation     As an alternative to all the ways in which words can be used for manifestation, water can also be used to bring things into your life.  I came up with this method during a meditation one night and have since then passed it on to friends in need of some spiritual help.  Once again, start with a bowl of water and clear it of any negative energy.  Then meditate on what you are trying to manifest while holding the bowl with both hands.  Feel the intention flow through your palms and into the water.  If you like, you can even write it down on a piece of paper and place it in the bowl for more help.  Water is great for amplifying energy so by using this method, you will be adding some oomph to your menifestation. Place the bowl by a window.  Now, I connect more with the moon and water is generally very connected to the moon (ocean tides, feminine energy etc.) so I did this at night and allowed the moon’s energy to carry my intentions to the Universe, but if you are more connected to the sun, I say go with that and do it during the day.  If you are giong to use the moon, I suggest doing this during the time leading up to or of the full moon.  I would recommend concentrating on whichever energy you are going to use during your initial intention meditation as well.  You can leave it there for as long as you want or put a new bowl out every day/night.  What is important is that the intention is set and you have sent out into the Universe what you would like the manifest.  Sometimes it may seem pointless, but trust me, the Universe is listening!  I cannot even count how many times this has been proven to me over and over again in my life.


Do you have any other spiritual uses for water?  Are there any techniques that use basic tools you would like to share with other readers?  Comment below!