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Speaking Consciously April 24, 2012

Tonight is World Book Night and it got me thinking about the power of all the words we say–to each other and ourselves. Whether they are written, typed, spoken, or simply (and powerfully) thought, words carry with them a vibration that radiates outward into the world. They influence those around you as well as the world in which we live in ways you may not even realize.

When I was a little girl, my mother once observed that in describing people and things, I would never use the word “hate”. Instead, I would say things like “dislike” or “really don’t care for”. She asked me why that was and my simple answer was that “hate” is a strong word and that I didn’t like using it; I didn’t like how it felt to say it. At the time, I didn’t know anything about metaphysics or spiritual significance of words, but I still felt that the word itself wasn’t one I wanted to put out into the world. As I grew older and studied energy and vibration and the power of thought, this moment came back to me in a different light. They say that children are much more spiritually aware because they haven’t been corrupted by societal norms just yet–no one has told them that what they think or feel is crazy or abnormal. This may explain my aversion to “hate”.

Maybe it is because I have been journaling since I learned how to write, but words–and word choice–have always held special significance to me. I have also been an avid reader all my life, loving to lose myself in a world beautifully composed of artful diction. All of this makes me very aware of what I say outloud and how my words affect those around me. The saying Every thought is a prayer is common throughout the metaphysical community, but I think sometimes we focus on the conscious thoughts that we try to put out into the Universe, and then overlook the ones that just pass through–however damaging they may be. You know the ones…

I wish I was _______ .(smarter, skinnier, taller, shorter, better, faster, etc)

She/He doesn’t deserve ___________; I do. (that job, that money, that relationship, that vacation, that life, etc)

I’ll never be able to _________.(get organized, become financially stable, get a better job, be loved, etc)

The ________ cause is hopeless–this world will never change. (hunger, poverty, religious freedom, gender equality, etc)

And the list goes on into eternity…

We may think that since a negative thought is against ourselves that we are not actually hurting anyone, but even this kind of “victimless” negative thinking still sends negativity into the world. Saying words like “can’t”, “won’t”, “never”, “always”, and “hate” sends that negativity into the collective potential energy that is forming our present and future and creates those worlds that we predict. Ironically, this just makes us more displeased and then we say more negative things and the whole thing is just one big negativity spiral downward. We need to start saying things that lift us up. I know this is all old stuff that people have been saying for decades, but it seems as though this message has been shouted from the highest mountain and still is not heard. Or, at least, it has not been taken to heart.

The point is not to feel guilty or like a failure when you do have negative thoughts. When they happen, instead of wallowing in the negative thought or wallowing in the guilt for having the negative thought, just recognize it and come up with a solution and move on. If necessary, write down your solution, or use a smartphone app to keep track of all of them. That way, if the thought dares interrupt your day again, you can look at your solution and know that you have already handled the situation. If there is absolutely nothing you can feasibly do about it, there is no point in thinking about it anymore. This is a statement that I need to tattoo onto the inside of my hands. Why the inside of my hands? So that when I find myself being brought to tears for the umpteenth time about the same situation and I’m covering my face because I don’t want to deal with the world, I can read this phrase and snap myself out of a potentially dangerous thought process and save myself from a completely pointless night of sadness. I am not suggesting that you get a tattoo, but I do recommend writing this statement out somewhere accessible to you throughout the day or repeating it to yourself when you start to veer into pointless negative thinking territory.

Random thoughts aside, you do have the power to consciously choose the words you use for your inner and outer dialogues. When speaking to yourself, writing in your journal, and conversing with other people, choose your words carefully. I am not saying do not fully express yourself or pretend to be something that you are not, but rather to choose not to add to the negative flow of words that is already out there. We all know there are ways to make a situation sound way worse than it really is in order to gain sympathy from others, or to feel sorry for ourselves. Make the conscious decision to stop this cycle. Set achievable goals to change those things with which you are unhappy and make realistic plans to help you to get there. Is there a cause that you think is being neglected? Do something about it instead of complaining that no one else does. Feel burnt out because no one seems to care about something the way you do? Take a break to recharge and remember that everyone has their own purpose on this planet–they may not be meant to dedicate their lives to your issues. That doesn’t make anyone unrealistic or heartless.

Perhaps the most difficult thing to do is avoid others who are content in their negative moods. I have been one of these people myself from time to time. Do not let them lure you into complaining about life for extended periods of time with no clear discussion of solutions. The old adage Misery loves company is very true and those that aren’t in a peaceful state most often try to bring down those around them in an effort to make themselves feel better. If there is a friend in need of a sympathetic ear, oblige them, but do so without contributing your own complaints. The best way to help is by demonstrating unconditional love, not by encouraging negative thought.

Remember, you are a spiritual being and a contributor to the continuous creation and unfolding of our world. Do not take this responsibility lightly. The beauty and love of Spirit is within you, and so your words–your impact on the Universe–should come from this sacred place inside.

For some practice in feeling the impact of words, try choosing different positive words to meditate on (love, acceptance, tolerance, health, equality, truth, etc). Start by centering yourself and visualizing the word in your heart or crown chakra. Feel the energy and emotion that comes with the word. Feel that energy flow through your whole body and radiate outward in waves. Repeat the word over and over in your mind or even aloud. Feel the energy continue to radiate outward and visualize its reach growing farther and farther with each repetition or breath. You can also visualize the earth and send the energy to the earth, or visualize the energy of the word flowing downward into the earth. However you choose to do it, I suggest trying different words and feeling for subtle (or significant) differences. The more you do this, the more you will find yourself feeling the energy of the word as you think or say it throughout your day.

Please share any stories or experiences you have had in the replies below.


Poem of the Week-“Spiritual Surrender” September 22, 2009

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“Painting is poetry that is seen rather than felt, and poetry is painting that is felt rather than seen.” -Leonardo da Vinci


Spiritual Surrender


spiritual surrender to the unknown

return to a path ignored and overgrown

clear away fear and stagnation

bow down at the feet of all Creation

accept the lessons, new and old

heed the warnings of trouble foretold

open myself wholly to Love and Light

expand my vision beyond physical sight

abandon the need for practical reason

live by the rhythms of the Mother’s seasons

swept away in nature’s harmony

it has taken many lifetimes to begin this journey



–Property of the Mermaid Tree.  2009.  The above cannot be reproduced in whole or part without author’s consent.


 What was your reaction to Spiritual Surrender?  Are there any poems or prayers that you associate with the Autumnal Exquinox?  Share them in a comment.



Poem of the Week– “The Illusion” September 15, 2009

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The Illusion






reached for truth

and came back empty-handed

each creature to discover

on their own

what occurs in their inbetweens

it takes a nanosecond

to slip

to learn the lesson

is balance found or created?

made to conform to our will

what we are willing to do

this illusion comes out of the shadows

the dark

that challenges the light

the grey

that stands against defined right

the temptation

too strong to fight

we are called to see the consequence

when Space and Time come back into focus

not lose our true center

spiritual locus


–Property of the Mermaid Tree. 2009.  The above may not be reproduced without obtaining permission from the author. 


Share your favorite spiritual poetry or words of wisdom in a comment.


Meditation With Lyrics September 13, 2009

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In the first Poem of the Week post, I mentioned how powerful words can be in practicing manifestation (search for “Art Psalms” to read the full article), but they can also be used in lyric form to aid in the meditation process.  Traditionally, meditative music is considered to be instrumental or to have a guide’s voice recorded over it in order to keep the listener focused.  Secular music heard every day on the radio isn’t usually considered useful in entering a meditative state or vibrating at a higher spiritual level.  Words that are normally used to aid in meditation are chants, repeated over and over again until you become part of the sound, but sometimes we are so familiar with the lyrics of a song that they are like a chant, exclaiming our emotions mixed with melody. 

The next time you are having trouble meditating or if you are looking for a change in your spiritual routine, I recommend going through your cds and playlists for a song you know completely by heart (generally, unexpected sounds can jar someone from a meditative state) both lyrically and musically.  It doesn’t matter if the song has a strong beat or a soft, slow tune, as long as you are familiar with it inside and out and can connect to the emotions portrayed, it will do.  You can even use the soundtrack to your favorite movie!  Try putting it on repeat or making a playlist full of songs that meet that description, though be aware of the transitions between songs.  This is supposed to aid in meditation, not make it more difficult.

Start by laying down or sitting in a comfortable position, as always, and try closing your eyes and resisting to urge to sing along or move to the beat.  Clear your mind and try just saying the words along with the song.  Focus on the imagery that comes with every verse and allow yourself to be consumed by that imagery.  Eventually stop saying the lyrics out loud and just let your mind drift and your thoughts flow. 

It may take some time to get used to, but this is a great way to change up your meditations!

As a side note, I would like to thank Dan for our first comment on the Mermaid Tree!  He is a photographer that created an app for the iPhone that pairs scenic meditative pictures with quotations.  It is inexpensive and a great tool for meditation.  To check out the link, look for the comment under the “10 Best Free iPhone Apps for the Spiritual.”  This is another way to use your phone in your spiritual life as well as use words in your meditative practices. 


What sorts of music, if any, do you listen to when meditating?  Have you ever had a deep meditation to a song with lyrics?


Poem of the Week–“Art Psalms” September 9, 2009

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Words are such powerful ways of sending out energy to the Universe.  Each word we say transmits a certain energy, combined with the intention of the speaker.  This is why affirmations work so well.  When we send out expectations to the Universe, those words bring what we desire into our lives.  If you are working toward a life change or want to bring in more of something in your life, try starting your day by saying, “I have _____” or “I am _____” every morning and see what happens.  The most important thing is to be clear in your desire and intention. 

 Another great way to use words is to write them on things you with to imbue with that energy.  For example, writing love or happiness or inner peace on the outside of a water bottle will imbue the water (or whatever liquid) inside the bottle with the energy from those words.  In turn, when you drink that liquid, you will be taking in that energy.  Always use positive energy words and before using words to imbue the water, energetically clear it of any negative energy it may have incorporated during its journey to you.  For more information of water’s reactions to negative a positive energy, check out one of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s books.  He has done a lot of interesting research on the subject.

 Personally, words have always had a deep effect on me.  My favorite songs are my favorites because of the lyrics and how I connect with them.  I’ve also written poetry since I was very young and used words to help me expel stagnant or negative energy so that I may continue to grow, spiritually and emotionally.

 So, after that long introduction, I would like to present to you the Mermaid Tree’s first installation of our ongoing project of “Poem of the Week.”  Our first one comes from the book Art Psalms by Alex Grey.  On page nine in the 2008 edition. 


Art Psalms

Angels dictate mystic rants,

Accompanied by picture prayers.

Precious alloy of art and wisdom,

Forged in a soul furnace,

Beaten on the anvil of discontent

Until shaped suitable for the altar

In the Church of Vision

Where creativity is religion.


We seek through art

To recover our center,

To remember our soul’s task,

To stop sleepwalking in confusion,

To stop managing our depression,

To harness the passion of inextinguishable love,

To find the One Godself,

Hidden throughout creation.

Art is the scab healing the wound

Of the separate-self illusion.


Creators alligned with Divine Will

Make the soul perceptible.

Artist priests with minimal dogma

Transfix, transform, and evolve

The chaotic melding of cultures,

Through the dross of ego

To superconsciousness fusion

With the Nature-field.

Suddenly, Holy Spirits are everywhere.

Saviors invent solar panels,

Restore species, and habitats mushroom,

Alchemically transmuting earthly desacration.

All creatures, brothers and sisters,

Planet as Holy Temple.


"Holy Spirit" By Alex Grey.  Acrylic on wood.  1998.  Page 8 in Art Psalms.

"Holy Spirit" By Alex Grey. Acrylic on wood. 1998. Page 8 in Art Psalms.

How do you use words in your spiritual life?  Share them along with your reactions to the above poem in a comment below!